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~~~ Take it! OR Leave it! ~~~

SweetPurple Posted By SweetPurple Posted Mar 31, 2009

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  1. take it

    ticket for a round the world cruise?
  2. take it!!!!!!!!!!!

    shared videos?
  3. Take it !

    Mink coat ?
  4. take it

  5. Take it.

  6. Take it, depending on the situation haha!

  7. Take it... might be an antique

    a homemade cake?
  8. take it

    drinking contest with brother?
  9. Leave it.

    Bag full of cash and drugs?
  10. leave it...scarey!!!

    dog hair dust bunnies?
  11. Leave it.

    Abandoned puppy?
  12. take it...if I possibly could

    feral cats?
  13. Leave it.

    Fruit cake?
  14. leave it!

    shag carpet haha?
  15. leave it

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.