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wordbox Posted By wordbox Posted Dec 17, 2011

  1. Omg! another baby! Congrats hun! what a relief huh:smile:
    and so we hit 37th week today...Im due for another check on Fri but I don't think we can wait....
    Iv'e noticed a decrease of her movements since last night, Im paranoid since my fluids are low. I was asked to go the clinic if I notice something diff...
    Im going in for a check up in a bit just to check if everything is okay....I feel something weird as well....
    I told my husband that I have this funny feeling this baby wont go into natural delivery...I have no idea why but I certainly feel that way...Im really scared though....
  2. ^good luck!!! Your situation sounds so much like mine and things turned out just fine for me. Will be thinking of you xoxo!
  3. Congratulations. What wonderful news. What's is baby's name? ( if you want to keep it private, that's ok)

    As for breast feeding, honestly it took a good 8 weeks for me to get it right with my first. I had one side all cracked and bleeding, do for a while I feed on one side. Bit lopsided but for me it was worth persevering. I had a midwife try and help me but in the end I just found a way that worked and was comfortable for me and baby. I was more relaxed at home too rather than at the hospital. Listen to the advice your LC gives you but you do what works for you.

    Please post a pic of baby soon !
  4. Bornsocialite, go with your instincts . If you think things are not right, check your self into hospital. Don't let ANYONE tell you , you ate being paranoid. You have been carrying this baby for 9 months. No one knows better than you.

    As for me, had another and hopefully final ultrasound. Baby is 35.5 weeks ..made me think cause I am 36 weeks tomorrow, all the measurements show in the average/good/normal range. Baby is approx 2.6 kg give or take 600gr. Again, to me that's a HUGE discrepancy! I have a feeling it's closer to the 3kg mark. Sonographer thinks baby looks like my little boy. Also., I know the sex !!! I will be asking your opinion on the spelling of the name we have chosen a little later on.
  5. Hi hun!
    Thanks! just got home from the hosp...and yes mother's instincts are never wrong...
    My fluids went up, and Simone is now around 5.12 pounds everything seem to be okay until OB found a not so good rate of oxygen flow in the doppler scan...her heart rate also seem to be quite erratic goin up to 200...
    I was asked to do a kick chart then call her up tom about the result...then all depends from there, and I should be back in her clinic by Thursday again...
    so now Im just so paranoid and stressed doing these kick charts....
  6. My baby had decreased movement the last 2 weeks too. The kick charts are stressful but just relax and spend a few minutes focus on the baby. For me, if I didn't stop and relax I didn't feel the kicks because they're so much more subtle towards the end because of less room. But once I slowed down I got all 10 kicks within 30 minutes. I also downed some limeade just to get her going. But do trust your intuition too.
  7. Here she is! One week old today. We named her Mali ( like Bali). She's half Thai half Danish. She was 8lbs and two days overdue.

    Went into labor at midnight last Sunday and waited a whole hour and half before waking up dh. Contractions went from 8 minutes apart to 4-5 minutes apart pretty fast but not consistent. Decided to make our way to the hospital anyway because we had to order a car service and who knew how long they'd take (live on NYC= no car). Got to the hospital at 4am and was 4cm so was admitted. Asked if I wanted an epi right away and I tried to tough it out but I caved 5 mins later and I'm glad I did. By the time they got to me and it kicked in it was almost 5 and I was in pain! Let me tell you, I loved that epi machine. It was my best friend. I don't think I could have done without it and the women who go natural - you are Heros. Anyway, started to feel the contractions again around 7. Turns out I went to 8cm really quick. They broke my water and I was immediately at 10. Baby was still up high so we waited about 4 hours for her to drop. I pushed for an hour and half and she plopped out and was on my belly. It's the most surreal experience ever. I'm still in a little pain but feel good overall. AND I just got her to latch on without ripping my nipple off. Lactation consultant is coming Thursday and I'm hopeful I'll get this breast feeding thing down!

    Good luck to the rest of the ladies!

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  8. Hikitten,

    she is DIVINE!!!! What a sweet little face. Definately a heartbreaker when she grows up.
    Her little cherubic lips are ready for kisses.

    May she live a long and healthy life.

    PS - Beautiful name too!
  9. I'm 37weeks 6 days and going to have my 37 weeks checkup today. Don't know what the doctor will say, hopefully there is some progress.
  10. How did you go today?
  11. beautiful! Good luck with breastfeeding , I breastfed all my girls until 2 yrs old even though I was working full time..very rewarding..hard but the way I see, it is only 2 yrs of their life but the benefits are a lifetime :smile:

    I am 30 weeks pregnant and starting to get pelvic pains ..last night I had horrible cramps...but being baby no 4, I did not panic wake up I did while pregnant with eldest daughter..:biggrin:
  12. My lovely baby boy was born yesterday by elective Caesarean, 8 lb 12 oz. He's delicious, and daddy is a natural. Last night was fine, today he's a piranha - just wants to feed!!

    Congratulations to all the other new mums- Good luck to those still cooking their little buns!!
  13. OMG pics please! congratulations hun!!! how are you doing?
    well my little bun seems to be cooking a bit longer, Im 37 weeks and waiting, waiting....
    Im being scanned every 3 days due to oxygen issues...
    going in for another check up tom...this is tiring...
  14. I'd love to but I can't upload from my phone :smile:

    37 weeks, that's practically term! Well done for getting this far!
  15. awwww....its alright hun we shall wait for pics then!

    right, I never imagined I would reach this milestone considering I had contraction scare at 7mos! I have doppler scan every 3 days...
    are you doing well w/ your stitches?
    Im just so scared ending up via CS since OB mentioned baby is small and has oxygen issues....but ofcourse Im sure I would go w/ the safest way to deliver baby...