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Sukey Club!!! Pics & Comments!

pinkfitfit Posted By pinkfitfit Posted Apr 21, 2009

  1. OMG, I love it. I am on a hunt for 1 too. Wish me luck.
  2. I am almost 5'3", however usually a good 3+ inches taller during the day. ;) and I got the large black guccissima leather sukey tote and I don't think the bag is "too big" however I am a big purse kind of girl and have my kids and husbands crap in there most of the time too. I really wanted the Unicef because it was beautiful but my friend who was with said I would complain it is too small, otherwise I probably would have gotten that one. I really wish it would have come in the large size.

    For those who have leather do you treat your bags? If so with what and how often? Or just wipe with a damp lint free cloth?
  3. Found a care thread... now to just find some leather conditioner. I haven't been able to find the apple guard and Coach stores don't carry their cleaning/conditioning products or at least the 2 I checked out I guess I could call others since there are so many around here.
  4. here is my large sukey, i'll try and take some pictures with me wearing it next time:biggrin:
  5. my file is to big, will have to upload some other time. sorry:confused1:
  6. you can upload at then copy and past the link on here. hope this helps!
  7. finally manage to upload my picture:yahoo:

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  8. Nice!! I have the same one!! I took some modeling pictures and it looks HUGE on me. I should post them but I have to upload them and then figure out the watermarking thing.
  9. Just realized the large Sukey is up $50 on from last time I looked, approx. 2 months ago. It was 890 then and now 940. :sad: I know cuz I was so close to buying it, close enough that I only had one more button to press and then chickened out. Grrrrr...shoulda bought it then!!
  10. I am going to upload some modeling pics... they suck but hey. I got so much crap over the weekend about my bag and then from a friend today. I had a friend with when I bought it and she didn't think it was too big at all but everyone has made a comment about my HUGE bag not I feel like I am carrying around some huge piece of luggage after the comments. I still like it but am second guessing if I should have gotten the Sukey meduim.
  11. [​IMG]



    Top sides unsnapped
  12. MamaTutu, I think it is AWESOME!! I always get kidded on my huge bags, but it's what I love. So, who cares? I personally think it looks great on you. I love your modeling pics, especially the fourth one. It is a STUNNING bag and is sure to get noticed for it's beauty. Plus, I think I heard that the medium Sukey will not fit on your shoulder so if you are used to a shoulder bag, sometimes it's hard to get used to a top handle or carry bag. Bottom line = THUMBS UP!! I hope you keep it!! And congrats on a BEAUTIFUL leather piece! :tup:
  13. I'm loving the size of this bag!
  14. Thank you!
  15. It looks great on you MamaTutu! I myself wished I purchased the large leather sukey opposed to the large fabric version. Thumbs up!