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Successful Incantations of "Accio Sacculus"...

Posted By accio sacculus Posted Nov 14, 2008

  1. Great collection!
  2. Thanks for stopping by, Supercoolper! :nuts:

  3. Thanks, koala09! Your collection is TDF! :wtf:
  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, orinoco! :yahoo: Would love to see your Bal collection IRL! :nuts: Let me know when you can meet for coffee! :yes:
  5. Thanks for stopping by huong! :nuts: I pride myself on my collection's diversity! ;) I'd like to be able to say that I have at least one representative of each designer brand one day... :sweatdrop:
  6. Thanks for stopping by, xIcyBluex! I love to try out different brands and different styles, just to mix it up a little... :yes:
  7. Thanks for stopping by, ValleyO! Yes, the Trevi and my Blueberry Spy are my faves as well!
  8. Thought I would share a couple of pics of the little favors I made for the members who attended the 2nd Vancouver tPF meet on November 16th, 2008:



    We had such a good time!
  9. so cute! :nuts:
  10. i looooooove the broad range of your collection. very beautiful!
  11. That's the idea, freshmess! :roflmfao: Thanks for stopping by!
  12. Hi, you have a fabulous purse collection but I must say that blueberry spy is just so beautiful. Takes my breath away beautiful. :faint: Congrats!
  13. Thanks, spoiled_brat! :nuts: It's an honour having you stop by to see my collection! Hope to see you again soon! :yes:
  14. Droolicioussssss:nuts: Fendi Spy.
  15. Love all your collection. I am jelous of the Gucci's.