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Stilly's Pigalle Parade Plus!!!

stilly Posted By stilly Posted Mar 6, 2011

  1. Thanks annie!!!

    I got this dress years ago from Nordstrom. Its from Velvet Torch who I've never heard of but its a super comfy jersey fabric so I wear it all the time. I love the little sleeve ties!!! ;)
  2. Many more shoes to come Sue!!! Fresh out of the box!!! ;)
  3. Here are my new Lizard Pigalle 120s. These are a nice neutral, Nude/Rose color that will work with almost anything...very unique...;)

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  4. The lizard skin is pretty!
  5. AB FAB:woohoo: once again Stilly, you have outdone yourself!!
  6. Amazing!!
  7. Just when I think your collection couldn't get any better! Very pretty!!
  8. Char if you are a us size 7.5 .. then you will need a size 36.5 in pigalles as they run big. I am a size 7.5 and had the same question as you. I went to the CL store and tried on the PIgalles. in a size 37.5 they were too big. Size 36.5 fit okay but I could also fit into a size 36, because Pigalles are known to stretch.
  9. soooo nice! do you have a vibram sole on your new pigalle? can you recommend it?
  10. Thanks Mrodnyc! I have to buy them online because they are not available in the boutique in my country and there's only 1boutique! Your advice really helps! :biggrin:
  11. Lovely Stilly - with the number of pairs you own M Louboutin should name a pair of Pigalle after you - the only question is what they look like- any thoughts?

  12. Thanks fumi, Sue, martinaa, Debbi & Kayapo!!!

  13. Thanks peggy!!!
    I don't have vibram soles on these yet but I do recommend them.
    I usually wear them a few times and break them in before I get the the vibram soles put on. ;)

  14. You're so sweet Kayapo!!!
    I'd love a pair of Pigalles in a very light pink...maybe an exotic like ostrich...and what about a 140 heel with no platform!!!:choochoo:
  15. Leopard Lovas with a black pleated mini & white top ....

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