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Spin-Off: Which RM bag are you wearing today? (2)

littlerock Posted By littlerock Posted Feb 19, 2010

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    Today I'm carrying my whipstitch MAC Clutch, perfect Sunday bag! :smile: the color ought to be 'baby blue' but personally I think it's more gray than blue :smile:
  2. oooh! Beautiful Mac. I've become very picky about Macs. Not that many I love...but i do love that! I could use a luggage color lace up mac. wonder if that exists. hmmmm.
    : )
  3. this leather looks yummy!
  4. Bright Pink Cupid
  5. Still cheating with Petrol Rocco!
  6. Dark Red MAM


  7. I love this. It's so wonderfully slouchy.
  8. fun color!

    i'm back to GE MAM.
  9. ooh you're ready for fall. fall is definately in the air.
  10. I'm on a major vintage Coach kick lately - carrying my recently rehabbed 1996 Lula's Legacy. This bag is so soft and comfy! And, bag rehabbing is majorly addicting!!
  11. Oh my gosh! That is a gorgeous bag. Every vintage Coach bag looks so beautiful. Will have to start researching more about them. :graucho:
  12. That Swing looks beautiful on you! What a great pop of color!
  13. love this!
  14. Thank u kaits! :smile: