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So Sorry Marc -- I Cheated Today!!

iluvmybags Posted By iluvmybags Posted Mar 15, 2008

  1. Love those Chloe' bags....great deal too. How many pockets does it have? They are so famous for making bags that "function" and look great ?
  2. Love your new bags especially the Heloise. I cheated on Marc too so don't feel bad.:shame: I purchased a LAMB Treviso clutch, a Rebecca Minkoff Matinee, a Kenneth Cole wallet, and a Mulberry Mabel. Marc doesn't have anything to worry about though because I'll always go back to him.:p
  3. Are you referring to the Heloise? It has one main section in the center that has a full length zipper and two open pockets on either side of that -- inside, there's an inner zippered pocket and another open pocket

    Pictures, please!! Esp of the Mulberry Mabel -- I've heard wonderful things about that bag (I have a Mulberry Bayswater myself).

    Love to see the pics of our "mistresses"!!! LOL!
  4. [​IMG]
    Here's the Mulberry Mabel in goat skin.

    LAMB Treviso Clutch. I just love this convertible clutch so much I have three so far. I still need the red and maybe the yellow one and then I'm done with my obsession.

    Rebecca Minkoff Matinee in ocean and gold crackle. I don't have a picture with the sides flipped up. I don't have a picture of my Kenneth Cole wallet either sorry.:push:
  5. ^^Your Mabel is beautiful, but that RM Matinee - WOW! Love the color! I had a Black Matinee (w/blue suede flaps) but ended up selling it after buying a few too many MJs!!!

    BTW -- at least when I carry my Heloise (or any other bag for that matter!), I still have MJ with me -- I always use a ZC and have at least one MJ pouch inside! In addition, I pulled out my Stam keyring and am trying to figure out a way to fasten it to my bag! LOL!!!
  6. Nice to mix it up right??? I cheated on MJ too-- I got a BV wallet from Filene's Basement last Tuesday because I couldn't resist the price. But I went back to Marc tonight at Saks and got the PW ZC in indigo... All is well Marc, I'm still yours!
  7. Your Heloise is striking. :heart: The color, the leather. Seriously, you are forgiven. Enjoy her.
  8. Me, too. I cheated today because of Chloe....
    Here is a picture... I fell in love with her...

  9. Ooooo -- that chocolate Paddy is so Yummy!!! Where did you get her from? Do you use MJ accessories to "stay committed"?? LOL

    C'mon girls -- I know there are other "cheaters" out there!! Let's see what tempted you away from Marc!!
  10. I bought it in Saks with 25% F&F promotion.
    I saved more than $300, and I think it is not bad deal....

    Actually I bought my new Rosemary ZC for 'staying committed'....
    I think the Rosemay ZC goes with chocolate Paddy well.
    I love both of them....:heart::heart::heart:
  11. ^^No -- that's a great deal on a NWT Paddy!! I saw lots of Capsule Paddys on the sale tables last year, but I've never seen a "traditional" Paddy -- I think they're one of the first bags to go come markdowns, so any time you can get one w/a d/c is a good move.

    A Rosemary ZC? Have you posted pics of it? I haven't heard of/seen that color yet -- Luv to see it!
  12. I LOVE the chloe maggie! congratulations! I've been coveting one for ages!
  13. I'm pretty loyal to Marc. I do love my L.A.M.B., though. I have quite a few L.A.M.B. bags and like to mix it up a bit when I am not toting Marc. Other than these, I have a Bulga, Francesco Biasia, Betsey Johnson, Cynthia Rowley, etc. I wouldn't mind adding a Chloe Heloise in Black to my collection, though!

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  14. HOLY COW!! Look at all those LAMB Bags!!! I always liked that Rainbow print & thought about getting one -- they have them at our NR. I esp like the one that looks like the LV Alma bag -- Wow roro, 9 stams and all those LAMB -- when you love something, you REALLY go all out!!

    (btw -- I can TOTALLY see you with a Black Heloise. You should SERIOUSLY think about it -- I have to admit, it's become one of my favorite bags! (SShhhh -- don't tell Marc!:blushing::blushing:smile:

    (My Heloise & Stam bags!!: :bagslap:)
  15. Actually -- I returned the Maggie when I decided that I wanted the Heloise. It was a great bag and I liked it a lot, but since it was an impulse buy and not something I was really looking for, I decided to return it & buy the bag I REALLY wanted!! (that's actually why I was able to buy the Heloise -- I returned the Maggie and the Hudson and bought the Heloise instead)