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So Sorry Marc -- I Cheated Today!!

iluvmybags Posted By iluvmybags Posted Mar 15, 2008

  1. The SA at Nordstroms Rack called me this morning to tell me that she had a Marc Jacobs bag come in. I've been waiting for that call for what seems like forever. I kept thinking - $199 Stam?? $399 Alyona?? Sadly, it was a Quilted Drawstring Hobo from the 2006 Resort line (which wasn't even THAT fantastic of a deal - $399, originally $995 :sad:) I told her I wouldn't be interested, so then she tells me she has a Chloe bag too. She didn't know it's name, but described it to me & gave me the style no. After looking it up I found which bag it was and decided it was worth pursuing. So after work I headed over there and upon seeing it I fell in love!!

    The leather was so wonderfully thick & soft (familar with the Gustto Baca? the leather's just like that!!) And the best was marked down to $447 from $1635!!! I went ahead & bought it!! To compensate, however, I also bought a pair of MJ sunglasses. They're really pretty - an amethyst color w/tinted lenses. Originally $240, marked down to $67!!! They came with a nice white LEATHER MJ case with soft cleaning cloth and a soft SUEDE storage bag (both were still wrapped in plastic!!) They had an entire table full of MJ glasses (not MbyMJ, collection MJ!).

    No worries tho, my Hudson is still on its way to me and by Monday, I will be a dedicated MJ girl once again!!

    So if you're interested, here's the bag that caused me to cheat :shame: - along with my MJ sunnies!!
  2. Oops - here they are!





  3. LOL! Nice bag. I still consider you an MJ girl, all the way. Just wait until you get your Hudson!
  4. Thanks ro!! You know, this is the second time she's called me with a FANTASTIC deal on a Chloe - the first time she called me it was for a "Capsule Paddington" (the new kind w/smaller lock & chain) -- that bag was $499, originally $1995. How come she can never call me w/MJ deals like that???
  5. Love the glasses! Can I ask you a question? How do you rotate all of your beautiful bags? I know that some of them get jealous with new family members arriving. I am sure that your wardrobe is FAB also! Wow to aspire to be like you!

  6. :shame::shame: Aw, thanks!!

    To begin with, I spend all my money on bags so I don't have nearly as many NICE clothes!! Years ago, I almost lived in MbyMJ, but since I've been buying his bags, I haven't really bought many of his clothes recently (altho I do still wear MbyMJ from 2, 3 even 4 season ago!!) - Most of my clothes have come from Steve & Berry's (SJP's Bitten), Target (GO Intrn'l - I bought about 1/2 of the Jovovich Hawk line!!) and Kohl's (Simply Vera [Wang])!!! Not to mention that on my off days, I live in PINK sweats from VS!!!

    I have a hard time deciding which bag to carry -- I had a VERY hard time putting away my Topaz Stam in order to use my Petrol one, but now that I'm carrying it, I just can't imagine putting it away yet!!! And now my Hudson's going to be here Monday, so I don't know how I will decide!!! (and I STILL haven't used my Mouse Grey Groovee Satchel! she's still sitting in her MJ shopping bag just waiting for her turn!!)
  7. Thx for the response. There are 52 weeks, so you probably have a rotation for each one. Very Fab!
  8. Hmmm.... this is interesting --
    Do you think my new Chloe ("Maggie") looks like MbyMJ's Lovely Aline??


  9. LOL!!! Not quite THAT many!!! I MIGHT have just enough to wear a different one each day of the month (if not, I'm probably close!) :nuts:
  10. i love that chloe bag! its yummy =]
    the marc sunnies are tres adorable as well!!
  11. thank you very much!! are you familar with the Gustto Baca bag? The leather on this bag is very similar to that. Really thick, soft & sumshy (I think it's Lamb's leather actually) --
    I love the sunnies too - I always buys black. I just can't bring myself to wear anything w/color. The color of these is actually very subtle. The shape is also different from what I usually wear (an oval frame) - these are more squared. Mu hubbie says they look really good on me tho (he actually asked if they sell men's glasses there cuz now he wants a pair!) -- and I love the cases and cloth it came with - the drawstring/soft case is actually suede and the hard case is covered in leather!! YUM!
  12. I have bought LV and Marc Jacobs...which to me is almost the same that when I by something else it is like cheating. I also buy Coach and Kate Spade so Yes I do cheat but sometimes it feels so good. Marc is my favorite designer though....Props to Marc.
  13. Ooooh love those glasses and gotta agree: the non Marc bag looks great as well :smile:.
  14. I love the Chloe bag and the sunglasses are really pretty!!! I can't wait to see the Hudson! WOOO!
  15. got a maggie....I Love that bag