Small Mother's Day gifts~

grapegravity Posted By grapegravity Posted May 11, 2013

  1. How awesome!
    Can't wait to see!
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  3. Wonderful scarf, we are twins on this one...you will love it, it ties so well. I adore your rg cdc ring, so elegant! Congratulations!
  4. Beautiful purchases & your ring is absolutely stunning, I love RG.......Love your new scarf too
  5. Love your CDC ring and you can never go wrong with Ex Libris en Kimonos. Wonderful presents from your family.

    Happy Mother's Day!
  6. Beautiful gifts! Congrats!
  7. Beautiful ring and that ExLK cw is to die for! Happy Mother's Day to you!
  8. Love the ring, it looks stunning on you. Congrats! :smile:
  9. So sweet of them, the ring is especially lovely. Enjoy your Mother's Day.
  10. Beautiful ring and scarf! Congrats and Happy Mother's Day!!!
  11. What a sweet gift :smile: Is the ring very heavy? It is gorgeous!
  12. That scarf is beautiful! Love the colors! And the ring as well!

    Happy mothers Day!