Bottega Veneta

SLG Shopping Spree

BagEssence Posted By BagEssence Posted Sep 5, 2011

  1. :dothewave::ps:
    love everything so beautiful
  2. Congrats on your BV goodies! My favorite is the Ametiste croc card case - drooling....
  3. What fun to get all those lovely goodies. Beautiful colors and very special items.
  4. Oh, love a BV pretty!
  5. I love the stingray. BV sands down the skin so it is supple. My DH wanted a stingray, but he likes those crummy hard ones.
  6. I love everything..that croc card case is TDF....Congrats..
  7. Awww thank you so much BV ladies of tPF. You guys are the best!!!!! So much love, so much joy, I feel elated. Thank you again.

    Especially for you ladies, a debut outing with the futuristic design clutch.

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  8. That's exactly what my dad said!!! He wanted ones that are coarse!!! My jaw was gaping when he said there's something better than BV.
  9. I sort of intentionally did not check the price of the croc card case.:graucho: Think if I did, I probably had second thought.
  10. I love that stingray wallet! DH liked it too and I really wanted to get him that for his birthday but at the last min he decided to go for a Goyard :rolleyes:
  11. BagEssence what great slgs you picked! I especially love the ametiste croc!
  12. Wow you did great in terms of variety in function, color, and skin! Well worth the wait. :graucho:
  13. was it brown? i have that one and have no idea how much it costed or the name. i received it as a gift and never used it so i wanted to sell it.
  14. Omg, ur Ametiste croc card case....just amazing !!! Congrats !