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Show your Tiffany & Co. Collection; *PICS*

Ilovepurse007 Posted By Ilovepurse007 Posted Dec 2, 2006

  1. Gorgeous earrings! Look perfect on you! Congrats!!
  2. Hope this pic helps! I took it awhile ago to show someone what it looked like stacked with my medium open heart.

    And you're right, my SO keeps telling me the same thing -- huge closet for LV :smile:

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  3. And here's another I took right now of it alone so you can see the size a little better on me

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  4. They are stunning and look amazing on you! I'm hoping to get the circlet pendant next. :graucho: Love that collection.
  5. Congrats! Very beautiful! Really great size.;):p
  6. Thanks! I originally wanted the Victoria earrings, but the mini was too small and the medium' a bit overpriced IMHO;( I'd rather save up for a bracelet!
  7. New addition :
    20" silver chain with flip flop charm

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  8. wow factor, really nice

  9. love your DBTY!
    may i know which one you got? how big is the diamond:smile: ?
  10. It's .21ct yellow gold
  11. Theres a beautiful one with starfish and pearls in between from elsa peretti. I love the sapphire and lapis necklaces! How often do you wear it? Do you layer the sapphire necklace? I wish they still made the YG version I only see the platinum on the website. :sad:
  12. The heart locket looks amazing with your pictures inside! how thoughtful!
  13. How long does it usually take for it to get soldered? I will buy a charm bracelet and the first charm as my first tiffany items when i go to a tiffany store for the first time next month! and do they follow exactly the instructions as to where the charm should be?
  14. Hi! Would anyone who owns a Tiffany pretzel charm post a photo of yours for me to see in "real life"? I thank you!:smile: