Show your Gucci collection!

Posted By SunshineSweden Posted Mar 7, 2006

  1. This is the first opportunity I've had to look at this piece.

    Congratulations, it's everything in one and simply chic too :tup:
  2. The pen holder is lovely. What a great present!
  3. Beautiful colors!
  4. thanks so much! :smile:
  5. from my blog entry today ~ :flowers:

    my small Gucci messenger bag. :smile:

  6. i'm not sure if i posted these.
    but here's a pic of all my blondies

  7. what is the name of your green bag?
  8. As for now, this is my only Gucci piece. A briefcase in beige/ebony/brown GG Canvas. I hope my collection will grow!



  9. It's gorge!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. I agree! There are a lot of LV fakes out here & it's just too trendy for my taste.
  12. Great Gucci @ even greater prices! :smile:
  13. I have no idea what the name is.. I got that about 7-8 years ago? and didn't ask which model it was. sorry!
  14. My Gucci 1973
  15. That's gorgeous!