The Glass Slipper

Show us your Lanvin! :)

purse4u Posted By purse4u Posted Feb 23, 2008

  1. they were $1075:smile:
  2. Oh well Lordy never mind I'll have to enjoy just looking!! Ohhhh but they are soooo pretty!!! Lucky!!!
  3. Would you say these run 1/2 size small like the website says? Like if I'm a 36.5 I'd go up to a 37? Or did you find them TTS?!
  4. It runs a half size small for me. So I suggest going with a 37

    Side note: You can't add more holes to the strap cause of how it buckles
  5. Oh okay! Thank you! :smile:
  6. They're so lovely!!!
  7. Thank you. I like that the color can be worn year round.
  8. i got my first pair of ballerinas today but i noticed the soles are REALLY slippery - does anyone else have this??

    i got them for £150 and it was the last pair so i really had to have them :p
  9. Beautiful! I love Lanvin flats... :smile: yes, of course its slippery, every shoe with leather sole is. You can scrap it by walking on sidewalk or you can take them to cobbler and put rubber soles. I put rubber on every pair :p
  10. Just scored these Lanvin Khaki Patent Leather Pumps at Nordstrom Rack (originally $695), reduced to $173!

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  11. So ladylike! love those
  12. Oh thank you, dear, I really love them too! And they coordinate so beautifully with my business attire.
  13. My first pair! Love them :heart:

  14. Lol I wore out my one and only pair within a year, if you see them now, oh my... The insole is all mushed up and falling out on both shoes, I no longer have the soles on my shoes (well barely) and there is a big toe hole forming on the one shoe. They are no longer wearable... That's what I get for wearing them basically every day for a year baha :sad: