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Shoes, shoes, shoes!

tazfrk Posted By tazfrk Posted Jul 31, 2013

  1. We didnt have a dedicated thread for shoes, so here goes.
    Got my Alexi Zinnia sandals today, so cute and comfy.
    Cant wait to wear them out with my zinnia selma.:sunnies

    and it slid right under the radar since it wasnt a purse purchase, tee hee hee

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  2. Love your toes! And your shoes! The pink and gold are perfect together. Hmm...what's next? A watch?? :smile:

    You might want to hide the brand from the husband, or he might put you on a MK ban ;P ssssh!
  3. Actually returning a watch that I just got, dont care for it, so maybe use that money on hmmm dont know yet, lol.

    Bite your tongue, lol, no I think he knows this ban is hard enough to live with.
    P.S. I just ordered a MK tank top, giggle
  4. Just got these MICHAEL Michael Kors Delphine Suede Bow Ballet Flats (Navy) from Zappos!

    Very soft & comfy, fits true to size.

    They also come in a 4" heels version and a few other colors (Black, Pomegranate, Brown etc)

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  5. Super cute, and what a fabulous color!
  6. Those are super cute!

  7. Really cute!
  8. All these are so cute!!! I need to take pics and add my Luggage color ballet flats here.... :biggrin:
  9. I wish I could wear flats like these, I have skinny heels and they dont stay on my feet.
  10. That's kind of me in the way I wish I could wear heels but I just can't my body won't let me ... :biggrin: I'm a total flats and boots kind of girl...
  11. Did you find that these stretched with use? I had been looking at the black pair same style but my regular size 8.5 felt too big and the 8's felt a little tight.
  12. I did find when I first got them that they were tight across the toe where the metal detail is at.... But after a few wearings they have stretched out and are nice and comfy...