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Posted By fatefullotus Posted Jul 31, 2007

  1. Just saw on Facebook (see it's good for something) that Ped Shoes has marked down Chie Mihara 20% this weekend. As I noted over in the Deals and Steals forum, my ability to resist these is evaporating:


    Gaaaahhhhh, they're so yanking my chain! (Maybe I don't really need a new sofa after all.)
  2. Lanvin Patent Flats in camel and red at Barney's - $299. A few sizes left. Hope my order actually ships!
  3. Just got back from Prada on Rodeo and they had A LOT of shoes on sale! It seemed like most of earlier spring collection was 50% off.
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    I've seen them on yoox's website, but in the slightly higher heel. I almost got them in the green when there was a code for 20% off everything onsite, but I failed to pull the trigger. Still, the yoox standard price is lower than these shoe's regular retail price. With the shoes cutouts, they'll be super-cute to wear with tights :smile:

    44422844ji_12_f.jpg 44395786mf_12_f.jpg
  5. Great, thank you so much for the tip, I Loooove these shoes:smile:
  6. Manolo BB's are on sale at the Manolo store at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.....The black patent, hot pink patent and the Blush patent are on sale for $344....