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Shiny Karung SO Stretch Knot - Mass Reveal Thread!!!

jburgh Posted By jburgh Posted Mar 31, 2010

  1. Ok, by request, here is the thread!

    Any deliveries yet?
  2. Well, ladies...My UPS guy is on point so it looks as though I am the first to actually receive the 2009/2010 PF SO Nero Intrecciato Ayers Elongated Knot! It is FABULOUS! I love it so much!

    Per Nicole's letter:

    Each Knot clutch has been identified with an original style number. No two clutches have the same number, thus each has been identified as unique. As is customary with Knot clutches, the ID tag is not with the clutch. Bottega Veneta will keep the number on file for you.

    Now, unfortunately I am off to an emergency meeting but I will try and find my camera to take some pictures. I just came back from a business trip to LA so I fear the batteries are dead. So, my reveal could take a while (sorry!).

    I hope one of the other ladies receives hers soon and can post pictures right away. Congrats to everyone cause she is a real B-E-A-U-T-Y!!!
  3. OMG!!! :yahoo::yahoo::cloud9: I took a few quick pics - hopefully the upload will work.





  4. Congratulations Gingee!!!!!! :yahoo::woohoo::dothewave::drinks::party::ps:
  5. Two quick modeling pics


  6. I love it!
  7. Lovely! Congrats!
  8. jburgh Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!:hugs:

    I really appreciate all the time & hard work you put into making this SO a reality. It is gorgeous beyond my expectations :nuts:
  9. :faint: OMG! Congratulations to everyone who is getting this amazing knot - it's so beautiful!
  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Huge congrats to everyone getting this! :heart:
  11. hawt diggety dawg! beautiful.... again, our lovely mod ROCKS for having made the SO clutch possible! it is a real beauty.
  12. It's so pretty!!!!
    Congrats to everyone!
  13. Such a beautiful clutch! Congrats to everyone receiving this beauty!! Well done to Jburgh for making it a reality for you all!!:party:
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    Congrats, Gingee! LOVE your modeling pics! Thanks so much jburgh for making this happen. I am very happy!

    I'm back from my meeting! Here's a quick pic of mine AND my first official reveal here on The Purse Forum! I couldn't get my real camera to work so I had to take it with the camera on my phone. I don't know how to make the picture larger (maybe someone can help with that). Love it! :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:

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  15. Beautiful!!!