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Secondhand Bargains....let's see your cheap treasures!

annemerrick Posted By annemerrick Posted Nov 27, 2009

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  1. Alrighty then, I will re-post. Thanks
  2. Jeeze what shoes made that much???
  3. I am with you! What is the name of the shoes you sold?
  4. Probably Hermes??
  5. I forgot about the million pairs of Hermes boots she found HAHA
  6. ^Is that the same dress Emma Watson wore?
  7. Nice finds in any local, congratulations!
  8. HI! Found this See by CHLOE summer dress in yellow, perfect and lovely! £6! :biggrin:


  9. My local Savers Thrift store was having a 50% off sale on Monday. I almost didn't go because I figured that "all the good stuff would be gone" by the time I got there after work, but I was wrong!

    I only had time to check out the handbags but I ended up buying five "rehab projects"! And I put back several other nice bags/wallets at cheap prices including: Perlina, Hobo International, Coach, D&B, and Kate Spade!

    My total cost for all 5 items was just $28.50! I actually spent $29.50 because I also grabbed a 5-pound free weight for $1 on my way out. I figured that I am going to have to "go into training" to develop the stamina needed for all the rehab "projects" I have piled up!

    This is the first bag. it's a red, pebbled-leather hobo from Fyre for $4. I had never heard of Fyre before but the bag is incredibly well-made with thick leather, heavy hardware, and a very soft lining of flannel or suedecloth. It was made in Italy and the leather patch inside says that the company has been making fine leather goods since 1832!

    I did some research when I got home and learned that Fyre is best known for their quality leather boots. Does anyone know anything about Fyre bags or have any advice for cleaning and conditioning?

    The bag is intact but dirty inside and out. I hope that I can clean her up because she really is a cutie! I will post some pics of my other "buys" in subsequent messages.

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  10. The next item is a vintage Koret tan "pocketbook" that costs $4.50. It is made of calfskin with satin lining and the same bag (in genuine aligator!) is currently up for auction on eBay for $990! I tad over-priced IMO, but it was cool to see that it was the same bag. I've posted the auction link below (NMA).

    It is in great shape and immaculate inside and out, and doesn't even smell old and musty! On the outside it needs cleaning, conditioning and some polish for the hardware. I think it will rehab well.

    Inside there is a little black pouch for a mirror but the mirror is missing. It also has a 3-section, kisslock pouch inside along with a zipper compartment and 2 slip pockets.

    The coolest thing about this bag is that it has a surprise! Here are some pics and I will post pics of the "surprise" with the next message.

    Alligator version of this bag on eBay:

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  11. Here's more pics of the tan Koret bag. It looks like it has a front flap pocket and it does have a slip pocket behind that pocket; but when you unsnap the flap you find a surprise!

    Inside is an anchored organizer with pockets for "passport papers" "tickets" and "money". I just fell for this bag because it is so "ladylike" and unusual!

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  12. The next bag is a pink Hobo International clutch for $3.50. It is in good shape and just needs a little cleaning and conditioning!

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