Sea Collection

missyb Posted By missyb Posted Jun 26, 2012

  1. I have one and love it! I have the large tote in the taupe color. I think that the bag is extremely unique and I love the fact that I can fill it with goodies- I am a big bag person. The material is delicate- I think iridescent calfskin? Chanel describes it as velvet leather. I have not had color transfer issues yet but suspect that transfer could be an issue. I also live in NYC and am fine with just sending my bag to Chanel for a spruce up if transfer occurs. I got the bag in April and don't use it everyday so it is holding up extremely well.
  2. I'm actually in NJ! I love the color of the grey but I could just bring it to be cleaned. Did u ever post pics on tpf?
  3. Nope, I never learned how to post pictures (and I am generally bad about it anyway). I purchased mine from Jeffrey in NYC. I wouldn't worry about the cleaning issue. I have a beige GST and had SERIOUS color transfer. Chanel cleaned the bag beautifully. I love this bag. Unique and functional. I own two flaps which I never use because I need big bags. Are you purchasing from the store in Short Hills?
  4. I actually just bought a beige GST and am thinking of returning it for a grey large sea tote because of dirty issue. Which do u get more use out of?
  5. I ordered the bag in the blush coral color, for 3200 it is NOT worth it at all. The quality is def not there.
    I am super picky in my Chanels now. The same bag would of been 2100 2 years ago.
  6. I have owned the GST for five years and just bought the sea hit. I weat the sea hit more now because it is larger but GST is a great bag. Also your bag can always be cleaned so I wouldn't return a bag that you love just because of fears about dirt. Chanel cleaning is sort of expensive so I highly recommend Leather Spa in the city.

  7. Do you mind giving me their number? I'm in the city all the time. Short Hills doesn't have the bag I was going to get it at Saks in the city. Thanks for your help!
  8. The number for Leather Spa? 212-262-4823. Interesting, I thought I saw that bag at Short Hills. Hopefully you have a nice SA at the Saks in NYC- I have had bad experiences there.
  9. I was there last week and didn't see it but I also didn't ask maybe it was in the back.
  10. The only SA I deal with at Saks is Elena and she is great.
  11. I have the Sea Hit NS tote in black and it is one of my favorite bags. Love the sparkle of the leather and it's not too heavy but holds a lot.
  12. I tried it on in the store, and while it is cute, I would have preferred the straps to be thicker.
  13. I have a small sea hit in black. The leather feels soft almost velvety fabric. It is a nice bag but I am concerned about it keeping its shape in the future. The handles are attached at a small area so I am afraid to put to many heavy things in it. It's a cute bag though! Each Chanel regions- USA, Europe and Asia have a slight variation in colors and dimension. I got mine in USA but will not be able to get this size in Thailand, while there's a beige one in Thailand which is a bigger size!!!
  14. I just saw my friends bag and it looks 15 years old. She had it for about 3 months, worn once a week. Sad.