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Sample bag image thread

vhsethan Posted By vhsethan Posted Apr 28, 2009

  1. ^^That's the Stencil print that is slowly "coming out". Not a sample. :smile:
  2. I keep this pic on my computer as a reminder that you snooze you LOSE!!!

    Original Rasta pattern that was changed before it went into production. :crybaby: Sorry, I just had a flashback of when I missed the auction, lol

  3. ^^Holey Moley Guacamole!
  4. ^ I always wonder who the people are that purchase these items off eBay. Do they still carry the bag? I just wonder because I feel like it's only TPF LAMB fans in the world ;)
  5. ^^I wonder that too. Like, do they really appreciate what they have?
  6. We are only a tiny bit of LAMB lovers (I found out @ the No Doubt concert) I saw so many LAMB items there.
  7. ^^Right now I wish I could reach out to every one of the lambies out there, kwim? I must be sounding desparate, but......... I can't just turn my "need" off. I've tried, believe me, I've tried!
  8. Ugh Knaz, everytime I see those OG rastas... I fall apart!! lol. I want one so bad!!!! The original rasta alston!! :drool:
  9. Was this beaded? one a LeSportsac sample? Or just one of those rare ones?

  10. [​IMG]
  11. its a harder to find lesportsac bag. not a sample though. i remember seeing them for sale on lesportsacs site with the other styles. i'd be so afraid of it unraveling. washer full of beads.. noooooo!!! (yes it was beads btw!)
  12. I was wondering which bag you guys kept referring to as sponge bob, now I know.