Rory is here!

NewlyHooked Posted By NewlyHooked Posted Jul 18, 2012

  1. Dang! Had myself convinced on getting the Emerald Rory but that Cognac colour is so sophisticated and timeless.

    I also found a pic of the Neutral Rory.....Blast, to many nice colours coming out for the fall season.

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  2. Congrats! Nice!!
  3. Very pretty bag in a beautiful color.
  4. I love this bag! I'd like to see how it looks with the strap doubled to wear as a shoulder bag. That is how I wear my Alexandra and it works out fine. How much is this bag?? I think this needs to be my new bag for fall!!
  5. Beautiful bag! I love the color. :smile:
  6. Beautiful!
  7. Love that color! What else is coming in neutral? Patricia? Anytime soon?
  8. Thanks so much!


    Oh no....what have you done?! I was looking for something neutral but hadn't seen THAT color! It's beautiful! Hmmm....cognac or neutral?! Help!


    Thank you!

    This bag is $398. I will post another picture with the strap doubled. I like it SO much better that way!



    I agree...that neutral is gorgeous! I hadn't seen that and now I'm torn between the two!
  9. Gorgeous! I haven't seen this bag before, love it!
  10. Congrats!! I have this bag in cobalt and the only way I wear it is with the strap doubled and over the shoulder. This is a very classic bag--Congrats again!!
  11. the handle drop in this photo looks like it is a decent drop, can you tell me what the drop is?
  12. Cognac! Definantly! You can get a neutral bag any other time.:tup:
  13. Sorry no idea.

    Im hoping someone will post a pic wearing the bag with the strap doubled.
  14. What are the dimensions of the Rory? It is SOOO irritating that Coach won't make the handle straps a bit longer so one can carry on the shoulder that way and keep the longer strap for other uses...:shucks:

    Having said that, I love this bag!! I hope you can figure out the strap and enjoy it...:smile:
  15. Anyone know when this lovely bag will be available in stores? :smile: