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Roger Vivier shoes

birkinkellylove Posted By birkinkellylove Posted May 25, 2012

  1. Adorable -- congrats!
  2. ^they look great... enjoy
  3. Belle Vivier ballerinas, black patent.

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  4. We're (almost) shoe twins. I have the same ones in black suede.

  5. LOVE this style!!! Congrats - they look fab on you!

  6. Ohh, I LOVE the nude color! Where are these pics from?
  7. Just an update, incase anyone is interested in knowing: the denim did not stretch:sad:
  8. Sharing some photos of new Spring styles.

    Please contact your local RV boutique with further questions. Enjoy!

    First up are the Thong Chips Strass in Black and Blue Splash. $825USD.

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  9. Next are the Thong Chips in White, Ciment, and Black. $625 USD.

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  10. Sandal Chips t45 in Mandarine. $795USD.

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  11. Finally, Virgule t100 in Rose Pivoine Patent, Mandarine Patent, and Black Patent. $795USD.

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  12. Does anyone know when Paris has sales? TIA
  13. Look so nice in denim! Do you mind sharing which store you got them?

    I'm also looking for prismick pump in multicolor but can't seem to find them anywhere online :sad:

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