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Roger Vivier shoes

birkinkellylove Posted By birkinkellylove Posted May 25, 2012

  1. Thanks for liking my shoes!! I might start a thread on my whole collection when I get time.. Modeling shots on feet is very hard to take. I never get them right..
  2. What gorgeous shoes!!!

    My mom bought a pair in a vintage shop a few years back, $10 IIRC? She gets SO many compliments on them.

    I love the red patent ones! SO glossy!!!!
  3. lovely!
  4. Hello every body, i recently found a website ( from RV and all shoes from the web have a amazing low discount, can any body help me to look around this page and trying to confirm the shoes are real or not? thanks!!!! :smile:
  5. Hey doris. I'm no expert. But I think the deals are too good to be true and the shapes are a bit wonky in my opinion.
  6. Ok... A few more pics...
  7. I'm hesitating to buy one pair with small heels. Do you find them comfy??
    I really need comfy shoes to walk a lot and stay up.
  8. Love vivier...planning on getting one! When I do, will post!
  9. Not real. Sorry :sad:
  10. I adore Vivier! I only have a few pairs and I always have my eye on a pair or two each season but never take the plunge. I will have to remedy that this year.

    The first is the Rose n Roll in black - my UHG that my hubby surprised me with.

    Willeyi and ashton, great shoes!

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  11. Yes. Fake from China. Don't buy!
  12. There is a private sale going on. I posted my SA's info in another thread. His name is Luis at the Bal Harbour boutique and I am sure he will allow you to purchase at the private sale. Lots of great shoes... Sandals, ballets, and pumps and bags.

    Tell him Mrs. Willey sent you, and I'm sure he'd be glad to help.
  13. Hi ladies! Question for you, i purchased a pair of Roger Vivier at an auction house.. I'm a bit skeptical because on the sole it says "8" rather than "38".. Does anyone else have ones like this?? TIA
  14. Mine only had 39 and 40 etc
    Don't have US sizes on them.