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Rihanna's Shoes?

IrisCole Posted By IrisCole Posted May 22, 2012

  1. Does anyone know the style name of Rihanna's Manolo's? Or even if they are Manolo's? Thank you!! :smile:

  2. I SWEAR I've seen these before, and it's making me so mad that I can't think of where/on who! ldskj;fldjsa;lf Off the top of my head though, some similar shoes: Alexander Wang Colettes and KORS Michael Kors Ysabells.
  3. She wore the same pair in white to the "Battleship" premiere, and everyone seemed to say that they were Manolo B., but I can't seem to find them anywhere, even on the designer's website :thinkin:
  4. They look most like the Eufida, except that they don't come in black?
  5. Yeah - I can find the leopard, and a version with little coins hanging off of it, but not the black or white. I also wonder if the heel on hers isn't a little taller as well. I'd say they're from AW 12 (and maybe not out yet), but those shoes don't exactly scream "winter" to me.
  6. I just sent a message to the company through their website. Hopefully someone will respond. :popcorn:
  7. They are Manolo... and she does LOVE them.




  8. Thank you! Do you know what the style name is?
  9. Yes Manolo
  10. A style name is in addition to the brand name and particular to the shoe - like, Manolo Blahnik "Eufida" or Christian Louboutin "Pigalle", though not all brands use them.
  11. Just opened the response from the company: the style name is "Chaos". I still can't find them online anywhere, so I they're going to let me know if they're still available and which boutiques / retailers might carry them.

    I'll post back when I find out more! :flowers: (keeping my fingers crossed that they also don't turn out to be a $1200 shoe or something :girlsigh:)
  12. That is fantastic Iris! Good news is Manolo rarely gets into the Louboutin price range, my guess is about $695-795

    Please keep us posted!
  13. Nice to know they respond quickly! :smile: Good luck!
  14. Fall/Winter 2012, right?:smile:

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  15. :woohoo:Thank you! They never got back to me about when they'd be available! Hopefully they'll start popping up in online shops soon!