REVEAL: Nothing *Elsie* compares... my first Chloe!! (Pic-heavy!)

PurseLoveSF Posted By PurseLoveSF Posted Jul 7, 2012

  1. Hello, fellow Chloe lovers! :sunshine:

    I recently went on vacation to Las Vegas with a very determined side mission in mind: to finally find my first and perfect Chloe. I've been on this SF for awhile now, poring through threads and threads of all your lovely photos and insightful comments. I was pretty dead set in my heart that I wanted a Marcie.

    Fast forward to this past week at the Chloe boutique in the Palazzo. Never had I been among so many Chloes in all their splendor... Marcies and Paratys galore... every size, current colors, upcoming colors, hobos, satchels, every variation currently available, literally! :woot: My head was spinning with options. Everything was so beautiful!

    But glistening on its own stunning but humble display table was this beauty... creamy, pebbled ivory leather, the perfect backdrop to striking, plentiful rose gold hardware, slouchy yet structured, breathtakingly feminine. I'd felt bag love before, but this was bag LOVE.

    It was a hard decision to tear away from my Marcie dream, but at the same time a no-brainer, really. In bags and in life, the heart wants what it wants!

    So without further ado, I present my Elsie Day Bag in Ivory with Rose Gold Hardware :yahoo:





    In love with this leather... :drool:


    So many pretty details...





    Optional, adjustable strap:




    Mod pics!

    On the arm:


    Long strap (can be worn crossbody too!):


    Thanks for letting me share, ladies! It's been such a fun bag year for me and my new Elsie is truly the icing on the cake. I am banning myself for the rest of 2012 to enjoy my recent beauties, this one most of all! :cutesy:
  2. Wow! She's so classy and elegant. She looks heavenly and you look so posh carrying her. Enjoy the rest of 2012 with your new Elsie - congrats! Ooh and beautiful photos (I could eat up all those details!).:smile:
  3. Yay!! I'm so glad you went with the Elsie! She's absolutely stunning. That leather is TDF and the rose gold hardware...oy! I can totally understand the love at first sight. look amazing carrying her! I'm so happy for you!!! Congrats on finding your first Chloe love. And I'll be your partner in Ban Land for the rest of the year. Then we can plot together on our 2013 Chloe purchase! :p

  4. i just commented back on the other thread about your chloe adventures!!! i'm SO excited and happy u found THE ONE! seriously girl, i think no one except fellow bag lovers/enthusiasts can understand what it really feels like to have found THE ONE. the bag that literally makes your heart pound!!!! the bag that puts u into a serious bag ban!! i think your vegas mission was a success x a million!!!! girl, u have such impeccable taste!!!! u chose the most classy, feminine, stunning and drop-dead gorgeous elsie.... ivory w/ rosegold.... TDF!!!!!! thanks for all the purse porn!!! hahah seriously, my heart was POUNDING scrolling through the pics!!! and u wear it so well.... u look absolutely gorgeous, classy and sassy!! :ghi5::ghi5: i think i may have to actually see these babies IRL before making my decision!
  5. You wear her so well!! Else looks gorgoeus with you :love: I love the rose gold hw too and the ivory with the rose gold looks tdf!! You look beautiful :smile:

    Congratulations on your beautiful Elsie! x
  6. Stunning and classic...congrats!
  7. OMG that is a GORGY bag!!!! Beautiful pics!! :coolpics: Congrats!!! :yahoo::love:
  8. Congrats on your Elsie! she is stunning, you are even more stunning with her!!
    I recently got Elsie satchel in small size from Las Vegas boutique too. Yay for Elsies! :woohoo:
  9. Ooh, did you do a reveal GemsBerry? Please do, I'd not! We need more eye candy on here :smile:

    Elsie is a beautiful bag and we din't see enough of her on here :smile:
  10. I'll do reveal, just took pictures, need to shrink them:smile:

  11. Great, thanks GemsBerry! Apologies for spelling errors on last post, I have fat fingers on iTouch today! :biggrin:
  12. so classy! perfect choice!
  13. Wowie! That leather looks so luxe, I can't even believe it. The color combo is lovely; there's nothing more elegant than ivory ... but the rose gold is a nice detail, classy but on-trend! Congrats, she looks great on you!
  14. Thanks so much, PurseXOXO! A fellow SF-ian, I see! :ghi5: We don't have nearly enough Chloe loot in town, so I had to cross state lines to find the One!! Sure was worth it!! :biggrin:

    Awww, thanks, cupcake!! I'm so happy with my selection... I'm a Chloe-holic now!

    Thank you, mona!! I hope to enjoy her for many years to come!!

    Thanks, Jstar!! I went a little crazy with the pics but I am hopelessly smitten!! :heart:

    Thanks, beachgirl!! I'm so happy with her!!

    Thank you, ppinkiwi!! The leather is bananas in person... "luxe" is the perfect way to describe it! And I'm a rose gold FANATIC so that just put her over the top to me!! :love:
  15. Awww, thanks, eehlers, and thanks for being my partner in Chloe crime this week!! :ghi5: This was such a fun "hunt," and for it to culminate in me A) actually finding the perfect bag and B) gathering the cajones to take the plunge was quite an amazing feat for me!

    I'm sure this is how you felt when you got your Paraty, but I feel such satisfaction and RELIEF right now!! Now we get to sit back, relax, and enjoy our beautiful bags! :drinkup:

    I'm glad we can be in Ban Land together for the rest of the year... we can torture ourselves on tPF all while planning 2013!! :whistle: