Rescue cat with missing teeth. Issue?

gazoo Posted By gazoo Posted May 28, 2012

  1. Here he is the day we brought him home, still wearing his e-collar and with stitches in and a recent pic after he's filled out some.

    If he is just getting teeth in now, what age would that make him I wonder? I'm somewhat surprised that he's got new teeth like this (implying he's way younger than earlier estimates), he looks soooo big to me.

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  2. Oh what a beautiful kitty! One of the cats I had had the the double canines when we got her. She was supposed to be around 6 months old then.
  3. I just weighed him. He's 14.4 pounds of solid turbo purring. ♥
  4. :smile:well at 14+ lbs, he is obviously eating thing you're going to be worrying about his weight.