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Real Techniques Brushes - Don't sleep on these!!

pquiles Posted By pquiles Posted Sep 3, 2012

  1. I really like these brushes. They are inexpensive, delivers product well and oh...so...very soft. I own the Core Collection, Eye set, Travel set, Expert Face, Powder, Blush, eyebrow... Hmmm oh, and the duo fibre brushes. I love most of them... But my favorite is the eye contour and expert face... Awww heck.. I love them all! :smile:
    For the price, these are GREAT!!
  2. Do you have pictures ?
  3. where did you buy them?? thanks
  4. I love their brushes too! I'm a huge fan of pixiwoo and that was the main reason why I wanted to give them a try. I'm really happy with the brushes because they are super soft, great quality, and reasonably priced.

    They are currently on sale at Ulta... buy 1, get 1 50% off. You can use coupons on them too. I'm thinking of buying more for back up!
  5. I'm always looking for a good brush and I love going to Ulta, I just went there over the weekend, spent $40.00 (which isn't hard) and got 200 bonus points.
  6. I love these brushes as well. The buffing brush is my go to for foundation. And I use theircontour brush daily.
  7. I don't have pics on my iPad, but here is the link to the web page.

  8. You can get them at Ulta and realtechniques.com
  9. Me too... I am going there tomorrow to pick up some back ups.
  10. Which one is the contour brush - is it the 'setting brush'? I only have the stippling brush at the moment but love it! Need a new contour brush so would love to know which one it is, thanks :smile:
  11. No, it's actually called the contour brush. It comes in the kit that has the buffing brush, detailer brush, and pointed foundation brush. Here's a picture.

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  12. Thank you - off to buy the set now!:smile:
  13. I love Trish Mcevoy brushes. Quality. They all have a soecific function The other brushes that are great are from IT cosmetics ! They are so soft and would never put in makeup without them
  14. Is the brush head area big? I find some brush sets have eye shadow brushes that are way to big for me to work with. Just wondering before I order.
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    i agree. these are really good especially the deluxe crease brush for concealer. I wish this particular one was sold separately.

    I'll post some pictures soon for those interested. Just need to wash them first lol!


    ok so i got myself in order. here are some photos of the brushes from the line for those interested.