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Rave: new maybelline "dream bouncy blush"

beauxgoris Posted By beauxgoris Posted Jan 5, 2012

  1. These caught my eye today while in CVS and I caved and purchased a couple. I'm usually a higher end makeup gal only - the colors were pretty striking tho and I had to try. I think the darker colors are best - the lighter ones would be too sheer for me. I love the consistency: sort of a cream to powder finish and they can be light or heavier. I purchased "hot tamale" (looks screaming bright but blends really well) - "peach satin" and "plum wine". Love them all. Photos are from popular makeup blogs:




  2. Just wanted to add Walgreen's is have a buy one get one 50% off right now on these. :flowers:
  3. I purchased this yesterday in the Plum color.. but I'm not sure if it's rave yet. What are you using to apply it? I use my fingers to tap it on my cheeks and a brush to blend it out and it blended out super sheer.
  4. They look kind of like the Bourjois in the first pic posted, but less snazzy packaging. Maybelline seems to have really stepped up their game recently. Are these perm?
  5. For me fingers work better then brush - plus I love the spongy feel of the product. I like that it applies sheer and can be layered for more depth. For me usually a creme blush ends up looking like two dolly "dots" of color on my cheeks no matter how much I rub it in - so the blending I liked.
  6. Thanks! I played with it again today and yea fingers work better than a brush. I really like this for a nice wash of color on the cheeks.. I think I'm going to pick up hot tamale next.
  7. I snagged one in Coffee Cake the other day and I really like it as well. It is sheer but buildable. The colors do look scary, but they are very natural looking on the skin. I'm liking cream products over powders right now due to the dry winter air. Very worth a try!
  8. Me too. Creme works better on my skin when it's try. The super bright colors are actually very natural on the face.
  9. I just grabbed two more today! Peach Satin and Pink Blush (?)

    I think I want them all!
  10. I love this product. I have Coffee Cake, and I love how I can make it as sheer as I'd like.

    My only complaint is that I seem to be using it up pretty quickly. And it's getting hard to find because people are snapping it up.
  11. Thanks for the review, I've been eyeing these at the drugstore :smile:
  12. Ah, what a great review! I have been looking for a replacement for an OLD Stila blush, and found a near-match in Target's Sonia Kashuk line. A couple of the Bouncy shades look like better matches, but I've been wary of a cream blush (I can't blend them that well). Is there any shimmer?
  13. Great photos! I wish I could post pics like that.
    As for the blush - sorry to disagree, not a rave at all.
    I purchased Peach satin and Fresh Pink and they seem like alot ofeffort for mimimal color payoff. I'm a NC40 so I will say I should have purchased darker colors to be fair.
  14. Hmmmm, I kind of want to try these now. I'll have to check them out!