Rainy Saturday Reveal!!!

LabelLover81 Posted By LabelLover81 Posted Jan 11, 2014

  1. View attachment image.jpg Something to cheer me up on this miserably rainy day. Anyone around??
  2. Here!
  3. I'm here (surprisingly :p)!!!

    what is that glorious thing behind your red felt bag? a floral arrangement? a gemstone tree?
  4. Ok, next one...

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  5. I need MORE :pout:
  6. Oh it's. Little crystal faux plant I got from Crate and Barrel years ago. I love it!
  7. My new beauty! I'm taking it to Paris next month :biggrin:

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  8. The back

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  9. ^oh, I love it too.

    ^wait, you're going to paris next month??? :tup:

    ^woah, love the color, the shape, the style, the bow, the pinched leather...everything! what a perfectly lovely bag :love:
  10. Thank you my friend. I :heart: it
  11. are those things under the studs actual pieces of leather folded & secured with the stud? they kinda look like bows...which means you have 2 different types of bows on your bag...which means :love: :cloud9:
  12. You have such a keen eye. Yes, they are folds of leather. In person they look more like flowers than bows.
  13. flowers?:faint: even better :ps:
  14. Oh and they aren't studs, but crystals!!! Totally your type of bag.

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  15. Wow, it's so pretty! Congrats!