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Rainbow of colors inside your H bag

pazt Posted By pazt Posted Oct 1, 2006

  1. can you post the rainbow of colors inside your H bag? i just picked up my vert anis Karo GM today and here's my little assorted of vibrant hues inside my H bag. what's inside your's?

    35 birkin vert anis
    Blue jean dogon wallet
    Orange clarisse clutch
    Vert anis Karo GM

    (with posts like these, i miss 24 fauborg. we miss you, L! :sad: )

  2. Oh that's beautiful. I don't have any colors to post, it's all black apart from my pink phone, boring really :sad:
  3. ooooh....fun thread Pazt! will have to post pix in the morning--hopefully i'll have some better light to take a shot.
  4. Pretty! :nuts: I just have an orange Ulysee. :shame:
  5. Oh Pazt,your collection is so beautiful!i have the same bag and now feel like to get the Clarissa clutch!!!!!What do you use it for?
  6. msmarbella, i use the clarisse to hold tons of receipts. i'm a pack rat! :nuts:
  7. Pazt, I love your pix! You are a terrific photographer (and you have an amaing collection)!!

    Here's a fun pic that I took for another board to show how much can fit in a sellier mini Kelly. I love all the colors inside my H bags!!

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  8. thanks sue! i'm missing RED inside my bag! i love all your bright colors!

    what is that tiny dogon purse you have, is that a coin holder or card holder?:confused1:
  9. Pazt, the vert anis Dogon is the key wallet (you will see a bulky black key on the keychain in front of it). The vermillon one is the Dogon compact and the orange is just a chevre business card case (I don't know the H name for it).
  10. Wow.NinjaS.!
    could you please visit me and pack my bags???:smile:
    Ihave already problem with my 31 bolide!!!!
  11. Bummer, it's a cloudy morning here, but here's a picture of Rouge VIF Chevre Mysore Karo PM, Mini Ulysee in Orange Togo, and Violette Chevre Mysore Bearn with my Bleu Saphir Fjord 35cm and 3H charm.

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  12. oh orchids! the color scheme is just gorgeous and that violette bearn is simply beautiful! now i need reds and violets for my color blends! thanks!
  13. Love, love your collection. How big is the clarisse? Do you think it can be used as a cosmetics pouch? ......and do you mind me asking what the price is:shame: . Thanks!
  14. thanks rose! the clarisse is the orange slim clutch which i believe was about $ 400 +. it can hold credit cards, business cards and maybe a slim tube of lipgloss. the Karo (lime green one) clutch can be a cosmetic pouch and that's what i'm using it for. that's about $ 620. there's a smaller Karo PM which i'm not sure how much. there's a thread somewhere dedicated to Karo's. let me look around.

    a bunch of PFers have this adorable pouch. and they all inspired me to get one! LOL! :nuts:
  15. I did look into the Karo, but I need a zip top for my cosmetics. Do they do a larger version of the clarisse?

    It is so adorable :love: that I may any get one anyways....