Quick Instant Reveal!

Mayfly285 Posted By Mayfly285 Posted Oct 23, 2013

  1. Not known for my decision, it was instant love when this little lady arrived!

    Meet Miss Printed Oak Lily - my first, and totally gorgeous, Lily! :smile:

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  2. Really pretty!! Enjoy using her!!
  3. Oh I love some printed-gorgeous !
  4. Congrats on your printed lily!
  5. This is gorgeous in the oak so much better than the black one imo
    I ab adore all the printed/congo type leathers they are just the best that Mulberry produce imo.

  6. Decision well-made, Mayfly! Wonderful first Lily!
  7. Beautiful Lily! Congrats.
  8. Congrats,i have the same in black :smile:
  9. I love printed lily, so versatile and beautiful too.
  10. Gorgeous leather, this will hold the shape beautifully... Congrats, mod pics!??? :cool:
  11. Just LOVE her! :heart::love::heart::loveeyes::heart: congratulations. She's very beautiful and I'm sure will wear well x
  12. Lovely Lily
  13. Beautiful! :loveeyes:
  14. Beautiful lily, lovely even pattern. Congratulations :tup:
  15. Beautiful lily! Congratulations,