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Question about Bianca

temo Posted By temo Posted Jul 10, 2009

  1. Just wondering if some of you Bianca owners can tell me about the interior of the bag? I'm new to Botkier and have just purchased a "new to me" Bella. (I know I'm a little behind the curve but it's my first Botkier experience.) I'm sooo taken with this bag that I now want the big sis. I'm blown away by the interior of the Bella (especially the lambskin lined pouch in between the two other pouches (? - if that makes sense-?)
    Does the Bianca have this feature as well? (Please say yes!):biggrin:
  2. The main compartment is suede and the cell phone pockets are lambskin.

    The Bianca is one of my favorite bags. I have two! For a bigger bag, it's incredibly easy to carry.
  3. I don't own a Bella, so I'm not sure of what you're saying. I do own a medium Bianca in patent that is gorgeous.:love: The interior is lined in a plush tan suede. HTH
  4. I have a medium bronze bianca and the lining is suede,too. I rarely use the interior pockets though since there are 2 exterior pockets that I use more often.
  5. I don't have a Bella to compare, but inside my small cherry Bianca there is a lovely beige suede lining, a zipper pocket trimmed with the red lambskin, and then I think 4 patch pockets also in the lambskin on the other side. :yes:
  6. Thanks for your help, Gimmethebag, bcbgurl19, tejava, greenpixie. Sounds like the Bianca doesn't have that same little pouch inside. It's the cooliest design I've ever seen!!) [/I]Oh well, I still want Bianca anyway!
  7. Here's what I mean:
    (It's almost like there are 2 purses together held by those rings on each side.)

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  8. ^^^

    Wow that is pretty cool!
  9. Oh yeah, totally different. The Trigger and Rex lines are organized in a similar fashion with three large pockets/ compartments.
  10. I'm thinking of buying a Bianca. Would you all recommend it? Are there any downsides to the bag? What in your opinion is the best part?
  11. Hi alldatjazz! Bianca was my first Botkier bag and I love it! The best part for me is the chocolate color and I like having the 2 front zip compartments to store those things I need to get to all the time. The handles are comfy and they stay on my shoulders. I don't condition or treat my bags and I still think it looks great! The only thing I am not quite sure of yet is the lining. It is a tan suede and I am not sure how I would clean it if it ever got dirty. I hope this helps.:flowers: