Quality is so bad for new black caviar

summer10 Posted By summer10 Posted Aug 7, 2012

  1. I bought a classic black caviar WOC recently and it has the dull caviar, but I am keeping it. IT looks ok in the woc, just didn't like it in the jumbo at all.
  2. yours look fantastic! :smile: really nice black
  3. Mine is made in France
  4. this was my first black chanel hence i didnt realize that it's considered as dull! but i'm definitely using it alot, so hopefully it'll age and look better with time :smile:
  5. Such a big difference here!! I grabbed mine before reading this post, so glad mine turns out fine.
  6. Yours looks good :tup:
  7. Thank you *relieved* lol
  8. Feel the same here ;)
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    Both of these look good LadyEnoki & nadiamo!! Shiny & puffy. Looks like you got good one's!
  10. Find this a little dull. You should have exchanged since the quilt is deflated.. My 2 cents worth though
  11. Yeah I was going to just ask for a repair but I think I'm going to try and exchange it for a new one or one in lambskin. I barely bought it a week ago. I just heard caviar is hard to find so I wasn't sure if I should just suck it up and keep it.
  12. Huh wow what a difference :/ mine is 152xxxxx something and I just got it a week and half ago. does it mean it's been sitting a while? The first pic definitely looks duller. Like the GST example showed seriously flattened design.