Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

orchidsuns Posted By orchidsuns Posted Nov 22, 2008

  1. I can fit an A4 notepad in there including my lecture slides and any preparation within so I'd say that's a fair bit. Please bear in mind it's a tight squeeze (alongside my pencil case, agenda, camera case and wallet).
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  3. Does anyone know what the purple PS1 looks like in real life? I love the colour of hannahsophias bag, but don't know if that's purely seasonal?

  4. Some photos via. netaporter: I find their photos reflect the product's true colours usually.
  5. Thanks!
  6. The Keep All looks very good in smoke
  7. Just some pics for your reference.


    Hope this helps!

    Love the Keepall in Smoke! I'm craving for one in Midnight although I won't be investing for a little while before I see all the available options. The price point particularly is appealing. I'd love one in Suede but I can imagine it would look mucky after a few months of use.
  8. i just found some of pre fall 2011 bags

    i'm not a fan of 2 toned bags but somehow i liked ^this one!


  9. Thanks for sharing ..I like the two toned.
  10. Here is some more eye candy from the new Fall 2011 collection!

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  11. Here are some gorgeous Suedes!! I love the Raspberry and Antique Pink...I'm always a sucker for anything pink!

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  12. ^ Yes, they are lovely! The Raspberry :love:
    If there was only some way to keep suede clean.
  13. I use a spray called Vectra on all my Bals and it's says it can be used on suede...I will have to try it. It has kept colors like Ciel and Bois De Rose near pristine.
  14. OMG, the suedes are LUSH!!!