Price differences Boutiques vs. Dept. Store

  1. Anyone know why the prices for Chanel are slightly lower in Neiman's (the only "department" store in my neck of the woods that sells Chanel) than at the Chanel Boutique? I bought my leather and chain belt yesterday at Neiman's for $495 and at the Chanel store around the corner the same belt was $525. The re-issue I bought in Neiman's was $1,975 vs. Boutique at over $2,000.

    Just wondering....:smile:
  2. Wow, I've never heard of that. I've bought my Chanels in Bloomies, Saks and the Chanel boutique and everything I've bought has been teh same price in both places. I didn't think dept. stores were allowed to change the prices of designer collections. Not sure why there was a difference w/your purchase but LUCKY YOU!!
  3. I know....that's what I thought too. The only thing I can think of is that the Chanel Boutique is right across the street from Neiman's and maybe that's why Neiman's prices are a tad bit lower....otherwise I can't figure it out. But I buy everything from Neiman's because I also get double points so it's a win/win situation...I guess.
  4. I never knew that, thanks!
  5. I don't know about the rest of the country...I'm only talking about the Neiman's and Chanel Boutique here in San Francisco. It may be different elsewhere.....
  6. But I buy everything from Neiman's because I also get double points so it's a win/win situation...I guess.[/quote]

    It's great for you! So whatever the reason it's OK - just wish it was that way here in NY!
  7. Hmm I may have to visit the SF NM when I'm there.. teehee!
  8. I have never noticed. I will do my buying at NM now instead of at Chanel. I go to the SF stores, too! Thanks for letting us know. Now I'm mad that I paid probably too much for my Chanels at the boutique!
  9. I've never heard of price differentials .... lucky you!
  10. Intlset - Naaa. Don't let it get to you. I bought my first two Chanels at the Boutique and I wouldn't have done it any differently because the experience was really wonderful. But NOW? I go to Neiman's....I love those double points!!!
  11. In the DC metro area, the Chanel Boutique is like down the hall in the Tysons II mall from Neiman's Chanel section. I've never thought to see if there was a price difference. I often bought at the Chanel boutique because they could take Visa because Neimans only took Amex, Diner and Neimans cards. That was part of my reason for applying for an Amex card. Now that I have one I shop in both stores...I always check both because often one will have things the other does not. The boutique also had broader shoe options.