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Presenting the AW Jena clutch!

We_Travel_Fast Posted By We_Travel_Fast Posted Aug 5, 2010

  1. I got the Jena clutch for 20% off at Madison Los Angeles a few weeks ago but unfortunately, have yet to use her! She is just as beautiful as my black/black-studded Rocco. Maybe I will just quit waiting and just bring her to work or something! :p

    There are no inside pockets. But you could probably put papers and things that won't easily fall out in the flap once you open it. There is also a magnet at the end of the flap so you don't have to zipper it shut (either with the top zipper or the two diagonal ones).

    Anyway, without further ado, here she is!!


  2. Gorgeous!!
    I say use her right away, she's too much of a beauty to be kept hidden!
    Congrats! ;)
  3. :faint:

    Love this... love everything about it!
  4. Shes a stunner! Congrats!
  5. Thanks, everyone! :flowers:

    Will take her out ASAP!
  6. Mod Shots please!
  7. So nice!!!
  8. Congrats!! Love the leather and the zippers! How big is it anyway?
  9. I love this clutch! How much can you put in there without it looking too bulky?
  10. So cool!
  11. Sorry, I'm in my pajamas already so no mod shots!

    It measures, according to ShopBop, 8.5"H x 13.5"L. It's not heavy at all.

    I could fit my BlackBerry, LV zippy wallet, glasses and sunglasses in it. Having all that was a bit heavy though:


    Here is how I put the items inside:


    Even with the BlackBerry on top of the wallet, the magnet still mostly kept the clutch closed. Anything more would definitely be too bulky.

    Clutch, empty:


    Clutch, with my stuff inside:


    Comparing the mini Rocco and the filled Jena:



  12. ^^Thanks for the pics; I like it even more now. What a good deal you got too.:yes:
  13. Gorgeous! Love it. Congrats!
  14. What a beautiful clutch!
  15. Love this clutch! And it can hold quite a bit! Congrats!