prada outlet store YEY!!!

Posted By mussolini Posted Dec 24, 2008

  1. Me went on the 26th or 27th april this yr. forgot which date. they only have one left the colour antico. thats wat i was told. So i try to choose properly but still got abit bit scratches... u use wat polish to camouflage them huh?:graucho:
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    Mine is not deep scratches. Just used normal KIWI shoe polish! :biggrin:
  3. address plz~
  4. Any one been to space hk lately? Do they have a lot of leather totes in bright colors? We'll be there this coming october cant wait to go there 
  5. wanted a vitello daino 1713 in blue but any leather tote in red or blue would be great! 
  6. I guess a trip to hk is in order! Whew!!! Thanks guys!
  7. Hi,

    Has anyone been to the Serravelle outlet in Milan? Any good finds there?