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Posting pictures with iphone app

coachgirl_nc Posted By coachgirl_nc Posted Jul 19, 2012

  1. Ladies, I have a iphone 3gs and when I try to post a picture I get a message that the picture is too you experience that as well? How do you reduce the size of the image in iphone? Thanks for your help!
  2. I have an iphone 4s and yup happens all the time no matter what i do- I downloaded a free app called pic collage and I have found that i am able to upload all my photos using this app- very simple to use and have no issues-
  3. I have an Android phone and every time i try to upload to the app it crashes. I downloaded the photobucket app and upload to that instead then use the links to post.
  4. I downloaded an app called Photogene to resize my pics and then upload it.
  5. I have an Iphone 3gs and havent had any problems. Not sure what my settings are though. (I dont know how to check)
  6. Really? I have the exact same phone and it won't let me upload pictures to the forum.
  7. I don't have an iphone, but are you able to access the camera settings and change the size/resolution of the photos you take? If you go into the camera, there should be a way to do that...
  8. Iphone users!!

    Change your settings :p

    open your pf app.... go to more in the lower right corner, settings, forum posting options, set attachment to jpg, and attachment quality to small or meduim... ( i have mine set on medium) iphone 4s users Use small as you have a better cam.

    and you should be fine to upload.
  9. you cant change the cam settings ..
  10. Moved this to electronics for you since it isn't really a Coach question. There are also helpful tips on posting photos in the Feedback area. :tup: