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Issmom Posted By Issmom Posted Sep 14, 2005

  1. Test to see if a post works with NO photos...
  2. -if it has testicles or tires, it's going to give you trouble-

  3. ;) speaking from experience, that is....
  4. test
    ok when i try to attach a photo i get an error message that the "browser sent a message that the server couldn't understand"
    Do what??
    In lay terms what am I doing wrong? I am using a MAC with Lion?
  5. testing..

  6. testing..

  7. hi there,
    i'm trying to attach my pic using instagram but it just shows the links. What am i doing wrong here. Appreciate your tips:smile:

    This is my first time attaching pic. I can't seems to directly attach pic from my laptop or hp too:sad:

    I have Instagram and also TPF apps, but not sure what i'm doing so far.

  8. testing

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  9. Eek! I can't remember what I did, I see you have a photoposted though - so did you figure it out? I did something with the share link, but I cannot remember what it was now!


  10. yep..finally I get it..hehe..sometimes I can be so slow at this kinda things:smile:

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