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Nat Posted By Nat Posted Feb 15, 2011

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  1. felt good to wear a dress again.. yaaay for summer temperatures :smile:


  2. gorgeous look! I wonder if they still have that top at f21?
  3. Great off the shoulder dress! And I love your YSL ring - may I ask what size it is?

    Great casual chic outfit!
    I love your outfit - very chic!

    Really like the flowery top - very pretty!

    Love your AE jeans! Do they run TTS? I haven't been to AE forever!
    The Marni blous is fabulous!
    Hot outfit! And fantastic accessories!
  4. it is size 7 :smile:
  5. thank you!

    love this - and the pop of colour from your bag is amazing.

    so cute!

    i am - your outfit is making me think i need to do more ab crunches... :p

    very chic!

    thank you so much perfectday! :hugs:
  6. A couple photos from :smile:

  7. First outfit was from my cousin's rehearsal dinner last night.
    Second outfit is for her wedding tonight!

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  8. Love your style and your blog :smile:

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  9. Beautiful ring!

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  10. [​IMG]

    more info on blog :smile:
  11. Thanks so much! Its by Tiffany's.
  12. You have the best shoe collection!! Seriously!! I would love to see them all!!!:giggles:
  13. Very pretty! Love the soft flowy first dress :smile:

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  14. thank you so much dear julide!! you haven't seen them all yet.. there are more! :ninja: LOL.

    cute!! hope you have a great time at the wedding!

    lovely outfit!

  15. Thank you gals!!

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