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Post your Nordstrom Rack bargains!

GirlieShoppe Posted By GirlieShoppe Posted Jan 23, 2010

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  1. Cute dress!!!
  2. Thank you! Also, dress retails for $345 according to tag on it.
  3. Vince leather jumper $39 (retails $600)
    DVF dresses $63-$148
    Vince jeans $27
    Current/Elliot jaguar jeans $39
    Vince sweater $67

    Tons of great stuff!!!

  4. i really want to leave class early and go to Nordies rack. I might.
  5. I'd hate to encourage you but I would!!! They actually began mark downs yesterday and that's when I found my goodies
  6. Downtown is fun but can be crazy busy (and messy). Alderwood (in Lynnwood) isn't as packed with goodies but it seems to me that the shoes aren't as manhandled as they can be at the downtown location.

    Went to Alderwood today & sadly didn't find much I couldn't live without... It wasn't at all busy, either.
  7. Got this Michael kors Hamilton tote for $70 :smile: such a good deal!

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  8. There were tons of refurbished Tory Burch flats and sandals at my local NR except not in my size! I did get a pair of UGG tall boots for $79!:smile:
  9. Where is your NR?
  10. whoa! can you post pics?
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    Awesome deal!!! Which NR, if you do not mind?
  12. Cute boots!!!
  13. It's from westgate Nordstrom in Saratoga, ca. I also got roslyn uggs with the zipper on the side for 80 :smile:
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