Post your non-Balenciaga purchases......Come on......we wont tell ;) (Part 2)

Jira Posted By Jira Posted May 30, 2010

  1. with alot of difficulty, LOL! hand carried some, checked in alot. threw alot of the boxes away too. the bals are the heaviest though, i took them out of my check in! 3 giant hardware bals = 4.5kg!
  2. Perfect compliment to a Bal bag. Would you IM me if you have the contact info for that boutique? I would love one of those!!

  3. congrats aki_sato, the ring is's to a great start to the new chapter.
  4. Thank you duckiee - and your purchases are gorgeous! Love the reissue in particular!
  5. Thank you ehemelay and betty lee ^^
  6. oo:huh:OOOoo!!! More gorgy Chanels!! I absolutely adore the silver reissue. And what a nice sister you are:smile::smile:
  7. What a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring aki!!! Your SO did so well :biggrin: Congrats again!
  8. aki_sato - wow! congratulations - that is a beautiful ring! You must be so thrilled - it is just stunning!
  9. Pauric Sweeney Python ball clutch
    I don't really fancy the bags, funny how this clutch captured my attention. :p



  10. ^^ Jaster, post some mod pics! Wanna see how it looks on you.
  11. ^^:lol: will do. soon soon!
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    Congrats jasterock, I could see how this grabbed your attention, yes would love to see mod shots
  13. duckiee Love all your purchases! :nuts:
  14. I used to despise Gucci, after having 2 bags fall apart. But, after their Memorial Day Pre-Sale, I'm officially converted... I also threw in some Coach, just because I am an equal opportunity shopper!

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