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Swanky Mama Of Three Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Oct 25, 2009

  1. Thanks :smile: Blew my spring shoe budget all at once but it was love at first sight and I couldn't leave them!
  2. Lovely!
  3. Goooorgeous
  4. my very first pair of Louboutins (an older style - Sultane)

    from my instagram

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  5. Hahahha I love how you've justified them! I say anything 50% off and more is basically saving money.

    These look great and classic so you will get a lot of wear from them.
  6. Thank you ! :biggrin:
  7. Thanks!!! :smile:
  8. hehe thanks :biggrin:

    Yup very TTS, but I think these only come in full sizes. Hope this helps!
  9. congrats! those are cute :smile:
  10. lovely!
  11. Another Casadei lover.

    Love the colour and those heels, bet you can't wait to give them an outting!
    Great Mod pics as well.