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Swanky Mama Of Three Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Oct 25, 2009

  1. Thanks ladies! They aren't true to size, you should take one (or maybe two) size bigger. And they are 370 euros.
  2. Got my boots today! :nuts: Super comfy and I know they'll be my staple boots! :woohoo:

  3. Fabulous!!!:woohoo:

    I was hoping you'd do modeling shots! They look awesome on you!! :ps:

    So were these tts too? :smile:
  4. beautiful:love: I would love to see modeling pictures.
  5. gorgeous boots:love: I can see you wearing them with all your beautiful edgy outfits.
  6. Thank you!! And thank you for introducing me to Elisanero. I am seriously in love with this label and its cool styles! And yes, they fit very TTS. I am a true 8.5 in heeled shoes and these fit perfectly. I know my feet would be slipping out of the 9s.

    Thank you, green bee! :winkiss:
  7. Hermes Revue Boots in black, mocha, taupe and sepia.
  8. CL Bianca's


  9. I just got these Stuart Weitzman for my bestfriend! Do you like them?

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  10. Two pairs of Terry De Havilland wedges.

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  11. Myrkur, Your Louboutins are stunning!
  12. I'm waiting for a cute pair of Roger Vivier black denim ballerina flats with a tortoise-shell buckle that I found at I'll post a photo when they arrive!
  13. sooo pretty!:smile:
  14. OMG these are incredible! you are quite on a roll Myrkur, I don't know if i told you, but you have fantastic taste:graucho: