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Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Oct 25, 2009

  1. Prada suede ballet flats with fur pom poms

  2. aw the poms are cute!
  3. I love sparkly shoes!
  4. fabulous, they are gorgeous
  5. my first pair of pumps i bought in italy and i LOVE them!!


  6. All about comfort!
  7. My first Casadei - super comfy!

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  9. image-846612351.jpg

    Jcrew factory Anya classic ballet flats :smile:
  10. From the looks of the Prada label on those sandals, I think that is the Prada Sport line, which isn't made in Italy. The "regular" Prada line shoes are made in Italy.
  11. Thanks! I own one pair of Prada boots that I bought from Saks, so I am not really familiar with this brand. Now that I know, I will look for regular Pradas!
  12. Take a look at the last few pairs of Pradas I posted -- you'll see that the name inside the shoe is different. That should help you in your future purchases. :smile:
  13. I got these Dolce & Gabbana shoes.
  14. LK Bennett sledge pumps in taupe - Kate's shoes
    image-2080081305.jpg image-2833592201.jpg
  15. Love LK Bennett! I prefer without platform so opted for the Shilo and they're my perfect pump. You'll love yours, so comfy!