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Swanky Mama Of Three Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted Oct 25, 2009

  1. WOW! The loubis are beautiful!!!:drool:
  2. Congrats on your promotion! I like the Louboutins, though they look treacherous to walk in :p

    I love these Miu Miu sneakers! They look adorable!
  3. Love them all! Especially the tributes, low heel option and on sale, what a steal! Congrats!
  4. Thanks! That's the one I'm especially excited about!
  5. Realized of alllllll my shoes, I did not have a basic red, closed toe pump.

    Giuseppe Zanotti

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  6. thank you! I drooled a bit myself too..first pair..
    thank you! they're a bit harder then the muimui even tho the heel is shorter because it's thinner..xD
  7. Congrats, they look great on you!
  8. A few more pair of sale finds (still a few more coming:biggrin:)
    Prada wedges and chanel stretch spirit ballet flats

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  9. Love, love, love! Congrats!
  10. The link doesn't show boots or any shoes...
  11. My two new shoe purchases, via my blog here :smile:

  12. Snagged the last pair in my size from NAP! :yahoo:

  13. Those Miu Miu shoes are too cute!

    They are a very pretty, shiny color!