Post Your Gathered Leather Coach here!

  1. Kiwi and hot pink

  2. Aubergine gathered clutch.
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  3. Here are my two latest additions to my gathered leather collection. Got these bags while I was on vacation in Puerto Rico celebrating the Christmas and New Years Holiday.

    Madison Magenta Gathered Leather Juliette and Lindsey :biggrin:

  4. I want to show mine here, too!


    She's the blackest black bag I have. Love her to bits.
  5. Universal Case -- my new wallet :smile:

  6. Both of these are gorgeous!
  7. Just got her today from the boutique:0)
  8. Miss black/brass HW julliet
  9. My first gathered items...but I'm positive they won't be my last! Hot pink & kiwi!
  10. Champagne Gathered Lindsey and Coral Gathered Carrie
  11. Wow!!! Both fabulous!!!!! Congrats!
  12. Miss Madison Gathered Leather Carrie in KS/Silver

  13. Miss Madison Gathered Leather Kara in Coral & Madison Gathered Leather Wallet in Bronze

  14. Coral Gathered Lindsey, #18643 (B4/CO)

  15. Beauty