Post Your CELINE Bag Pictures Here

KittyKat65 Posted By KittyKat65 Posted Oct 15, 2010

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    bsufku : very nice! is this the almond nano?

    Thank you my dear. Yes, it's almond nano. This bag can fit a lot of stuff. I'm amazed!
  2. My new (to me) Mini Luggage in Coquelicot Red :smile:
    (had to throw in my CL in the photo :p)

  3. What a great bag! The shoes and the bag make a cool combo!
  4. Received my 3 months early birthday gift from my generous husband... my first ever Celine Mini in Smooth Camel! :heart:

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  5. Congrats!! ;)
  6. great pic, congrats!
  7. Aaaah, it is superb!!;)
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    Just received my Royal Blue try-color mini from DF last week:

    the blue is actually more saturated in real life...I love it!!!

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  10. The smaller one looks more like a nano, but photos can certainly be quite deceiving!
  11. what a beauty, congrats :smile:
  12. congrats and happy early bday :smile:
  13. thats awesome
  14. fresh