Post Your Authentic Ferragamo Finds: etailers, retailers, outlets and eBay

jburgh Posted By jburgh Posted Apr 24, 2009

  1. I'm wondering that if there is any outlets SA willing to send out inventory photos regularly?
  2. hi, i'm browsing through a website www.theferragamo.net they selling ferragamos in cheap price! anyone ever shop there? are they real?
  3. hi,

    Im new to ferragamo. I found an online shop call mytheresa.com that sell ferragamo products. I wondered if anyone have shop there before, and are they authentic?


  4. Yes mytheresa is a reputable online seller. :smile:
  5. No they are not.
  6. Will there be additional discounts at the outlet on the president's day weekend? I'd like to buy something exotic. Thanks!
  7. Bloomingdale's has a code, FASHION12, that works for 15% off Ferragamo, or 20% whe you use your Bloomies card.
  8. Hi, I'm a new member, tell me does anyone know where I can buy that's a belt?

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  9. I have that same belt i bought at www.walkwaytofabfinds.com last year but I doubt they still have some.

  10. Many thanks for your reply, I really want to find and buy this now if it was anywhere else on the market. If by chance someone will see it, please tell me. Thank you in advance :smile:
  11. Does anyone have contact with an SA in Italy or anywhere in a Europe boutique? :smile:
  12. I saw this bag in Bal Harbour this weekend. I can not tell you how beautiful it is IRL. Exquisite! I was told there will be only 10, company wide.

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