Botkier New York

Post sales or deals on Botkier here!

Posted By Swanky Mama Of Three Posted May 28, 2008

  1. Are the glazed taupe in leather or nylon?
    The website are so confusing. Thank you!
  2. I received my silver sasha mini. it's definitely buttery soft leather! i love it!!
  3. The above was posted to the wrong forum. That's what I get for posting before going to vote.
  4. some good deals on sale section! stevie convertible satchel for $245, mini sasha duffel for $315, st. tropez vacation tote for $195, etc.
  5. Hey...thanks for the headsup! Creighbabay...

  6. Great catch Leo.....I would be all over it but I just bought a Black Bryant!
  7. ^^ Ooooh sounds pretty :nuts: Congrats
  8. Thanks Leo!! I was so bad today too....I saw a lg. Army Sasha and before I knew it I hit the BIN button....OK...DONE.....I really do need to save for the 2009 Botkiers.......(now what to sell on eBay?...LOL)
  9. Great deals on Sasha duffles. Large patent leather duffle on $417. Mini sasha patent leather duffles on $262.50! They have black, marine and white snake. Just a little too small for my needs, and I have many needs...
  10. Costco in Orange county have a small Sasha duffle in black lambskin for $445 (I think..not sure of exact price but i know is in the mid $400s.).