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Post pictures of your newest home decor items!

bnjj Posted By bnjj Posted Aug 6, 2011

  1. I'd love to buy it :greengrin:,but there's no space for it in our kitchen :sad:

  2. Mater Gymnasium Edition Cabinet designed by Soren Rose Studio. Also thinking about a swan chair:graucho:

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  3. ^^ that's special ! :heart:
  4. I got a minimalistic mirror for the entrance. It's a convex fish-eye type so I giggle when I leave home :amuse:

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  5. virgin wool blanket

  6. I have a thing for peacocks. I try to keep it tasteful and not let it get too kitschy, but I had to have this bird. I am not sure where his forever home will be so far, but during the holiday season while I have my peacock tree up (okay, THAT is kind of kitschy) he will be on the table while we are not eating.

  7. Love it! :tup:
  8. Cute!:smile:
  9. Love the colour!;)
  10. I love scented candles so I couldn't resist buying Les Indes from Diptyque! Smells amazing! :smile:

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  11. :giggles: Thank you
  12. So unsual!:tup:
  13. Just got the grille for the wall recently and the red tall vase :smile:

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